Researcher looking for veg children

Parents with vegan and vegetarian children (from birth to 18 years of age) along with their children are requested to complete a two-page long survey for a research project. The goal of the project is to use growth charts developed by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention to assess the pattern of growth (e.g. height, weight and BMI for age) among children adhering to different diets (e.g. meat eating, lacto-ovo-vegetarians and vegans). The survey includes questions such as height, weight and age of the child.

To participate or for additional information, please contact Dr. Roman Pawlak at

Roman Pawlak, PhD, RD
Associate Professor
East Carolina University
Department of Nutrition Science
Greenville, NC 27858

2 Responses to “Researcher looking for veg children”

  1. Sarah Pearlman Says:

    My son can participate in your study. He is 3 yo, and Vegan. He has never had milk products or meat products. I was vegetarian while pregnant, and transferred over to being Vegan after his birth.


  2. Jack Norris RD Says:

    Thanks, Sarah.

    To take part in the study you need to email Dr. Roman Pawlak at

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