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Taurine Supplement: A Study of One

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

Taurine is an amino sulfonic acid that the body makes and is not found in plant foods. Non-vegetarians eat about 40 – 70 mg/day and vegans have been shown to have lower blood levels.

Every once in awhile, I decide to experiment with taking a molecule that vegans have less of just to see if I notice anything from taking it. A couple years ago I took 1,000 mg of taurine for a week and didn’t notice anything.

For a couple reasons, I recently decided to experiment with it again and took it for 32 days at 500 mg/day. I noticed nothing good nor bad and stopped short of taking the full 50 capsules I had purchased.

Taurine and Vitamin D

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

Happy New Year!

I have a couple of quick things which might be of interest:

1. After reading that QuasiVegan was taking taurine and feeling great, I decided to do some experimenting on myself. I have been taking 1,000 mg of taurine per day for a week. I don’t feel any different – not that I was feeling bad to begin with, but you never know.

A few years ago I tried a similar experiment with carnitine and I noticed myself feeling slightly worse. Also a few years ago, I tried taking methylcobalamin (a form of vitamin B12) rather than cyanocobalamin and felt nothing after going through an entire bottle over the course of a few weeks.

2. Over the holidays I talked to another vegan who was feeling very fatigued, got her D levels tested and they were low, started taking vitamin D, and now feels much better.

I’m not suggesting that how one feels is the best way to determine if taking a supplement is healthy or not, but it might be able to indicate if you had a severe deficiency.