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Vegan Tube Feeding

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

Update Feb 8, 2014: There is now a vegan tube feeding product on the market, Liquid Hope by Functional Formularies.

I received the following question:

“My husband is going to require a feeding tube for the next couple months and I cannot find any commercial products that are vegan. Any idea if I could meet his nutritional needs using say a VitaMix and pureeing his vegan food? Any ideas would be most helpful.”

In further correspondence, I found out his tube is abdominal which is good because they are larger than the nasal tubes.

A fellow RD sent me this link which was very helpful (thanks, Debbie!):

And I told the person who wrote me that I would make a blog post to see if anyone else has experience with vegan tube feeding and to create a page that people can refer to in the future. So, please comment if you have some good info.