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Dr. Greger: Turmeric for Alzheimer’s

Sunday, September 28th, 2014

Dr. Michael Greger has posted a very interesting video, Treating Alzheimer’s with Turmeric.

He has also just released Latest in Clinical Nutrition: Volume 21 which includes four videos on the safety of GMOs.

Cadmium Levels in Vegans, Zinc Supplements and Alzheimer’s Disease

Sunday, July 14th, 2013

Wow – my last real post was on June 27th. But I have not fallen off the face of the earth – rather, it was right around that time that a reader brought my attention to a disconcerting study from 2006 which showed vegans in the Slovak Republic to have significantly higher cadmium levels than other diets groups. This study set me off on quite a journey that led to examining the role of zinc in Alzheimer’s Disease, of all things, and ended up strengthening my suspicions that vegans might benefit from zinc supplementation. In this case, not only because vegans can sometimes have low zinc intakes, but also to help reduce any problem caused by higher cadmium and copper intakes.

I have added this information to in an article on Cadmium. The article is too long to reproduce here, so I hope you will click through and give it a read.

I was disappointed that I had not previously heard of the study from the Slovak Republic, but these days I get notifications for any studies on vegetarians or vegans that get added to PubMed, so hopefully none will eascape my notice again.


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