Heather Nauta’s Online Cooking Classes

It looks like I haven’t done a special post on how to support JackNorrisRD.com this entire year. So now is the perfect time because you can support JackNorrisRD.com and at the same time get some cooking lessons from vegan nutritionist and cooking instructor Heather Nauta of www.HealthyVeganRecipes.net by signing up for her cooking classes through this link: Heather’s Online Cooking Classes.

How To Cook Simple, Healthy Meals That Even Picky Eaters Will Love

Heather Nauta is giving you a fun way to learn how to cook healthy and delicious meals with her new online cooking classes.

“I’m excited to help you move past the same old, not-so-healthy meals to making simple, flavorful, nutrient-dense recipes that give you the nutrients you need to sail through your day full of energy, confidence and happiness,” says Heather.

“Healthy eating often means learning how to cook all over again. If you’re transitioning to a healthier diet and aren’t too comfortable in the kitchen, I want to pass on what I’ve learned to you.”

In each class, Heather takes a new topic (like soups, veggie burgers and how to cook beans), discusses cooking techniques and nutrition, and shows you how to make a delicious, healthy recipe (like sweet potato quinoa chili and baked falafel burgers).

The recipes are vegan and use healthy, whole plant foods so they’re generally:

– Low fat
– Low sugar
– Low salt
– Gluten-free

“And it’s more than just a cooking course – I get into nutrition and health information while we’re cooking, and people have been really excited to discover how to get proper minerals, vitamins and protein into their meals.”

The classes were recorded live in early 2012. There are 24 classes of 45-60 minutes each, for a total of about 21 hours of classes.

For most of these meals, once you’ve made them once, you’ll easily be able to do all the prep work in less than 30 minutes.

When you sign up, you get access to a private membership website where you can:

– Watch the cooking classes online any time you want (day or night)
– Download the videos and recipes
– Ask Heather questions about any of the recipes or techniques

Sign up for the classes starts Friday, May 18th, with an early-bird discount price of only $67 (55% off!) going until Monday, May 21st. The first 50 people will also get $60 worth of bonuses, including a 30-minute consultation with Heather to ask any healthy cooking questions.

“I worked really hard putting this together, and after getting feedback from recent participants, I’m positive it can help you create simple, tasty meals that help you move toward optimal health.”

Heather’s posting free videos this week with some of her best tips for healthy, quick and flavorful cooking leading up to the launch on Friday, May 18th. Check out the first one here, to see her 3 steps to make your meals exceptionally healthy and a recipe for a super healthy avocado dip.


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