Vitamin A

A nutrient not many people think a lot about is vitamin A. I just updated with the vitamin A content of various plant foods. Take a look there and make sure you’re getting enough!

2 Responses to “Vitamin A”

  1. CG Says:

    Hello Jack
    What about dried apricots? Our toddler doesn’t appreciate carrots or green vegetables yet, so we give her some dried apricots each day. Do they provide her with sufficient RAE?
    CG, Budapest

  2. Jack Norris RD Says:


    Dried apricots have 80 RAE per 1/2 Cup, so she isn’t getting a whole lot from them. The RDA for toddlers is 300 mcg RAE. Carrot juice contains 2,256 per cup, so maybe that would be a good option, as you’d only need a small amount. I have updated the chart at with this info.

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