Video: Vegan Nutrition – What Does the Science Say?

Video has just been posted of a talk I gave last June at the Their Lives, Our Voices conference in Minneapolis.


2 Responses to “Video: Vegan Nutrition – What Does the Science Say?”

  1. Lisa A. Says:

    Thanks for the video. I agree about the protein issue. I was a victim of that belief for more than a year after my husband and I became vegan. One of the first books that I have read about the topic talked about how elephants and other big animals are herbivores. So we don’t really need to worry about protein. And I didn’t. We cut out meat and other animal products from our diet and didn’t bother to substitute with plant foods that are rich in protein. I started having noticeable negative health effects, including hair loss. And since I strongly believed that I had the healthiest diet ever, I didn’t want to make the connection that something was wrong with what I was eating. Or rather not eating. Anyways, long story short, reading the book “Becoming Vegan” saved us. And now I think that that should be the first book that all new vegans read. It can help avoid so many mistakes that are common among new and not so new vegans. Or alternatively, familiarizing yourself with the contents of can also help avoid those common pitfalls.

  2. Molly Says:

    This is an excellent, albeit hurried, presentation. You hit all the high points, and it’s a good one to keep in the arsenal for when we vegans need a refresher course. Thank you for posting it. I’ve explored, but probably not as in-depth as I should have, because there were several facts on the video that surprised and even alarmed me. I’ll be more careful about my diet in the future.

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