Update: B12 in Mushrooms

A reader (thanks, Ivan!) passed on a 2005 paper that I had missed:

La Guardia M, Venturella G, Venturella F. On the chemical composition and nutritional value of pleurotus taxa growing on umbelliferous plants (apiaceae). J Agric Food Chem. 2005 Jul 27;53(15):5997-6002.
Abstract | Paper

Ivan sent it to me regarding the vitamin D3 the researchers claimed to have found. I’m skeptical that the they were correctly distinguishing between D2 and D3 given that they make a reference to ergosterol which is a substrate for D2, not D3.

However, I was surprised to see that they also measured vitamin B12 (analogues). So, I added the following to B12 in Tempeh, Seaweeds, Organic Produce, and Other Plant Foods:

A 2005 study from Italy found significant amounts of vitamin B12 analogue in mushrooms (33). 250 g of P. nebrodensis contained 4.8 µg of vitamin B12. They used an immunoenzymatic assay. From the paper, it appears that the soil did not have organic waste of any kind. It is not clear if the B12 analogue was active.

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