Vegan for Life

I’m happy to announce that the book Ginny Messina and I are writing together, Vegan for Life, should be available on July 12, 2011!

You can pre-order copies while giving a % of your purchase to this site by clicking on this link (or the one in the sidebar):

Vegan for Life: Everything You Need to Know to Be Healthy and Fit on a Plant-Based Diet

I apologize for not having posted in almost a month. I have been busy finishing the book as well as working on a soy article which is actually about 10 articles in one. After that is finished, I plan to get back to posting regularly.

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  1. Mark Says:

    Congratulations, Mr. Norris! This book will be a handy resource. Love the title, too.

  2. Chris Says:


  3. Cal Says:

    Hey Jack, CONGRATULATIONS on the book! I’m super excited to read it and will definitely be pre-ordering.

    I was wondering, do either you or Ginny have any children? Is there anything on your site about raising vegan children? Not just theoretical “get these nutrients” stuff, but real examples? WOuld really appreciate something like this!

  4. Jack Norris RD Says:


    Thanks! Here are some real examples:

  5. Valerie Says:

    This is great news Jack!
    I can’t wait to get my copy.

  6. Jennifer Says:

    Will you be releasing this in Kindle format?

  7. Jack Norris RD Says:


    Yes it will be available for the Kindle. I’m trying to find out a specific date on that and will get back to you here.

  8. Jack Norris RD Says:


    The Kindle version will be coming out on July 12 also.

  9. Madeleine Says:

    Cal, there is a good book called “Raising Vegetarian Children” by J. Stepaniak and V. Melina. It is on veganism despite the “vegetarian” in the title. It’s very comprehensive.


  10. Lisa A. Says:

    Congratulations! I am a huge fan and I am really glad that you and Ginny decided to share the wealth of knowledge that you have through a book. I just pre-ordered it and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

    And I am definitely looking forward to reading your articles on soy. I already translated more than half of Ginny and Mark Messina’s article on soy and I wonder if I should hold off on it. Anyways, there are a lot of people who are absolutely opposed to soy and it would be helpful to hear more about the latest research from a neutral person to settle down those arguments.

  11. Joe Espinosa Says:

    I am most pleased to hear this announcement about the book. You and Ginny are widely known to be thorough and honest in your reviews of the nutritional data, this book is something the world needs. Thanks.

  12. McKel Says:

    Congratulations! I am such a fan of your blog and I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and appreciate the research you have put in to making I’m so excited to finally have a valuable reference for all things related to vegan nutrition. I ordered the book weeks ago! Thanks

  13. Cal Says:

    Hi jack – yes! I love that page and have recommended it to many. However I know that most parents are not well versed in the nuance of nutrition and probably wouldn’t recognize many issues even if they were there. That page provides photos and short stories which is great, but I want more solid science. That’s why I was wondering if a nutritionist/RD/ MD could offer their experience with their own children. I want blood tests! =D

    Do you know of anything like this? I find it difficult that a lot of professionals reassure us that vegan diets are safe for children, when it appears that there aren’t actually any studies to confirm this. I know there’s nothing long-term (multi-generational), and I worry about making our babies ‘the test tube’.

  14. Jack Norris RD Says:


    This is the only study I know of:

    They did blood tests but all they said about them was that they were “normal”.

    > I worry about making our babies ‘the test tube’.

    On the other hand, no one really knows what the best diet is for children or adults, so everyone is taking part in their own experiment. Admittedly, the vegan diet is a fairly unique one.

  15. john Says:

    Sweet…any way you could post a table of contents?

  16. Jack Norris RD Says:


    I can. Thanks for asking!

    1 Understanding Vegan Nutrient Needs
    2 Protein from Plants
    3 Vitamin B12: The Gorilla in the Room
    4 Calcium, Vitamin D, and Bone Health
    5 Fats: Making the Best Choices
    6 Iron, Zinc, Iodine, and Vitamin A: Maximizing Vegan Sources
    7 The Vegan Food Guide
    8 Making the Transition
    9 A Healthy Start: Vegan Diets in Pregnancy and Breast-feeding
    10 Raising Vegan Children and Teens
    11 Vegan Diets for People over Fifty
    12 The Plant Food Advantage: Health Benefits of a Vegan Diet
    13 Managing Weight, Heart Disease, and Diabetes
    14 The Vegan Athlete
    15 Is it Safe to Eat Soy?
    16 Why Vegan?

  17. Juanita Says:

    Wow thanks so much, Jack Norris. This is very helpful. I’ve been hearing all these “failure to thrive stories” that had been bothering me. I was even considering not having kids out of fear of not knowing if I could raise them healthy as vegans. Will order the book! Thanks so much again for your hard work!

  18. Emily Twigy Nights Says:

    Hi Jack Norris,

    i love vegans if they thrive and happy and fit. i look videos of vegan athletes and hear their blogs. IT amazing.

    Still one issue if you have serious teeth issues i find the best to eat animals products. Its sadly what i found. ITs not bad. Its just of course the animals need to be good raised. Still it sad that some vegans get seriously teeth problems.

    What ever if their would be a vegan teeth healing formula or a vegan teeth remeneralisation fromula this would be great. So far this is only working for at least vegetarian or animal food. Fairly and friendly raised.

    is their a vegan teeth remineralisation. ill not discuss. just listen and read calm and silently. Im very interested.

    Also i see how this other animal food healed my teeth and make them strong.
    Best wishes emily

  19. Jack Norris RD Says:


    What exactly were the teeth problems you were having? Was it cavities or something else?

    It’s important to get enough calcium for healthy teeth. Do you know if you were getting enough calcium as a vegan?

    I rarely hear from vegans who notice they are having more teeth problems than they did before becoming vegan.

  20. Jessica Says:

    Hi Jack,

    I recently purchased Vegan for Life, and I have to say thank you to you both for such an amazing book. It is so nice to have nutritional information that is easy to understand and is in one place!

    I just have a few questions, and I apologize if these were already addressed somewhere on your site.

    In the chapter on vitamin B12, one of the requirements is to take 1,000 micrograms three times a week. However, on page 89 the requirement is 1,000 micrograms twice a week. I was just wondering if this meant that the requirements for B12 were flexible in that you could choose to either take the amount 2-3 times per week or if it should be one or the other.

    Also, the requirement for DHA (pg. 89) is 200-300 micrograms, but earlier in the book it was stated in milligrams. I’m assuming that it’s supposed to be milligrams, but I just wanted to make sure.

    That’s all!

  21. Jack Norris RD Says:


    I’m glad you liked the book.

    You only need to take vitamin B12 twice a week at a rate of 1,000 micrograms. Listing it as three times a week was a mistake (long story as to why), but it won’t hurt to take it 3 times.

    And the DHA being measured in micrograms was also a mistake, it should be milligrams.

    Sorry about that. Both of these will be fixed in future printings.

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