Survey Regarding Vegan Pregnancy

From Raveem Ismail:

Dear Vegan Advocates

If you could please fill in our survey, the anonymised results will contribute towards the medical research effort detailed below. The survey is at and we would encourage you to share the link.

We are carrying out research on Group B streptococcal carriage in vegans during pregnancy. This is an intestinal bacterium, normally harmless, but capable of infecting an unborn baby (for example, 1 in 2,000 UK births have a proven GBS infection). With some weak evidence suggesting a dietary link to GBS, the aim is to ascertain whether Vegan women acquire GBS to the same extent as non-Vegans.

Dr Mark Anthony. Consultant Neonatologist.
Dr Abdul Ismail. FY2 Pediatrics.
Raveem Ismail. Analyst, Trinakria Limited.

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