It has been two months since I asked for support. I got some good support in June so I didn’t send out a request, but I received very little in July.

I didn’t make too many posts in July due to being out of town and because two of the posts I made required a lot of research. Still, when I look over the posts from June and July, I am stunned at the amount of info! Here are the highlights:

Mortality Rates in Adventist Health Study-2

Iron and Vegetarian Diets

Do Calcium and Vitamin D Need to be Taken Together?

Iron Supplements Improve Unexplained Fatigue in Premenopausal Women

Leucine, Whey and Rice Protein (Still have some follow-up to do on this one.)

How Much Processed Food is Healthy?

Cadmium Levels in Vegans, Zinc Supplements and Alzheimer’s Disease

DHA Supplements and Prostate Cancer

Now I ask you — where else can you get this sort of information?! I write about the good, the bad, and the ugly, all in an effort to cut through the propaganda and keep vegans as healthy as possible.

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