I have a lot of articles in the queue that I’m anxious to write about and questions to be answered. You, dear readers, sure know how to ask complicated questions that make me question my assumptions!

Here are some recent highlights:

Eggs, TMAO, and Heart Disease
American Cancer Society on Soy & Breast Cancer
The Daniel Fast and WBC
To Quit or Not to Quit Veganism: Part Two

It’s been 6 weeks since I asked for support, and support has been dwindling, so I’m asking again. And this time, I have a new way to support

But first, I got rid of the Google Ads from the website. I had hoped that at some point Google’s ad algorithm would pick up that my site was for vegans and start advertising vegan-related products. Not so much. And while they generated some revenue, it was not enough to keep cheesy (the site is vegan, after all!) ads in the margins.

But I came up with a new idea that might be fun and hopefully not too annoying – provide links to the songs I’m currently listening to. If you follow the links and buy a song or album (or anything else) at Amazon, I will get a percentage. So, I have listed below 8 songs and 1 album that have been on my playlist lately. I realize they will only appeal to a select group, but if you find that your music tastes jive with mine, it might be a good way to find some music.

Below the song links are the typical ways to support Making a donation (by far my biggest source of support), and buying things at Pangea through the link provided. You can also set up a recurring donation in the upper right corner of the website.

Thank you – it makes a big difference!


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