Summary of Recommendations for Vegan Teens

I just added a page on for vegan teens. It’s nothing new, just puts all the information in as concise as possible terms.

One Response to “Summary of Recommendations for Vegan Teens”

  1. beforewisdom Says:

    The phrase “a well planned vegan diet” annoys me. It makes a vegan diet sound like a cancer treatment where you are in the lab taking tests and being monitored by a professional on a daily basis.

    IMO, some people use that phrase and similar ones to the effect that it makes a vegan diet sound like an unsafe PITA.

    I really like your Daily Recommendation page for a number of reasons.

    One of them is that I can whip it out and say something like “No, not really… don’t need to know much at all……just what can be fit on one page and most of these things would be advice given to the general public”.

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