Study on Omega-3s Looking for Older Vegans

Research study: Age and Gender Differences in Essential Fatty Acids in Long-term Vegans

Do you follow a vegan diet? Are you interested in participating in a research study that will reveal your level of healthy omega-3 fatty acids?

Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) are important nutrients that protect against risk for heart disease, depression, and dementia. The purpose of this study is to determine whether there are age and gender differences in blood levels of the essential fatty acids, EPA and DHA, in long-term vegans.

If you have been a vegan for at least 3 years, are a man 70 or older or a woman 80 or older (we have already filled the quota for the younger age groups) and you are not using essential fatty acid supplements, you may be eligible to participate in this study. The study involves providing information about your actual dietary intake on three separate days and a one-time finger stick blood sample you will send to a lab using a pre-paid envelope. It should take about 3 hours of your time to be in this study.

You will receive a $20.00 Target gift card and a report of your blood levels of essential fatty acids.

Please note, we are only enrolling men 70 and older and women 80 and older at this time. If you are interested, please visit Enroll in DHA Study for further information.

This study has been approved by the University of San Diego Institutional Review Board. The Principal Investigators are Barbara Sarter, PhD, APRN, FNP-C, Hahn School of Nursing and Health Sciences, University of San Diego and Joel Fuhrman, M.D., Research Director of the Nutritional Research Project.

This project is supported by the Nutritional Research Project.

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  1. Jeannette Montroy, RHN Says:

    I am not an older vegan, but I am already enrolled in this study before they filled their quota for the 20-30 lot. Super excited to get my results, and to be contributing to nutritional research!

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