Reed Mangels Response to Nina Planck’s NY Times Article

In addition to Ginny Messina’s response, Reed Mangles, PhD, RD has also written an informative response to Nina Planck’s NY Times article:

Vegan Children: Response to NYT Op-Ed


“The New York Times opinion piece was concluded with a call to parents raise their children as nonvegetarians and to allow them to choose their own diets as adults. I don’t get the logic – parents are choosing what foods their children eat, even if they are raising them as meat eaters. I could just as easily say that all parents should raise their children as vegans and then, if the children grow up and want to eat meat, that would be their choice.”

2 Responses to “Reed Mangels Response to Nina Planck’s NY Times Article”

  1. rick Says:

    Who ever said that feeding meat to children was logical?

  2. Nia Says:

    I totally agree with you. I guess “opinion columns ” serve their purpose. The NYT , though open to vegan opinions as well, is probably one of the most likely places you will get a lot of anti-vegan/vegetarian readers. Brian Patton (The Sexy Vegan), is a chef and cookbook author who also recently wrote an article for the NYT opinion column and was basically shot down before he could stand up; luckily there was some good co-vegan backup.

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