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I am taking this week off from blogging in order to visit with family, but before I do I want to make another plea for support! January through March were good months (thank you!), but in April donations have slowed to almost a halt and so have Amazon purchases (and don’t forget Pangea!, see below).

One reader had a great idea of setting up a recurring gift option and I have done just that. Please see the Subscribe button on the website where you can choose a level of monthly support (and cancel at any time). And you can make a one-time donation through the link below or the Buy Now button on the website.

I am wondering how people felt about the Of Meat and Mortality series. Was it interesting at all? Was it too much info? In the past, I would have read all four papers, analyzed them, and then just reported my final summary at the end of Part 4. But then there would have been a long lag in my blogging in which people might have thought I fell off the earth. And it might actually be interesting for readers to see the process of analyzing these topics. Hopefully it will give you confidence in talking to your friends and colleagues, who no doubt send you a link to every story that finds meat good for you.

I have dozens of single studies to go through when I get back from break and will hopefully be able to crank out short, interesting topics relevant to veganism without getting sidetracked for long on any particular subject.

Feedburner reports that subscriptions are up to over 1,600 readers! That’s great news – thank you for sharing my posts.

And thank you for any other support you can give – it does make a big difference!


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3 Responses to “Please Support!”

  1. Derek Says:

    just curious, why don’t you sell your book directly through your web site?

  2. Fronz Says:

    I bought your book for my Kindle and reading it now. It’s real good, however, the Kindle version does not include page numbers (which most new e-books do), so all the references to page numbers in the book is kinda useless :-/ Hope you (or the publisher) can open for numbered pages and linking between pages.

  3. Jack Norris RD Says:


    I will pass on to the publisher.


    I do sell it through the Amazon links on the site which is the most cost- and time-effective way for me to do so.

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