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Eat Right for Your Type: Debunked Again?
Clinical Trial of Methylcobalamin
Austrian Vegetarians: Good News?

But the most popular post by far was…drum roll please…

Petition: Veggie Burger at McDonalds

I read a survey not long ago that found one of the main reasons people do not go vegan is from not having options in restaurants. So, my readers are apparently savvy about this importance of this issue.

By the way, that petition still needs 56,000 more people to sign, so please keep passing it on.

Wile my vitamin K2 series has some ardent followers, they are not many in number. Frankly, I’d much rather be beating up on the blood type diet, but K2 is a topic that anti-vegans bring up a lot and the research seems important, so I will plug on with it.

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