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First, I noticed that Friday’s Feedburner email for my blog didn’t list a table of contents at the top like it used to, so if you didn’t happen to scroll to the bottom, you might have missed the post on Nutrient Intakes of SDA Vegetarians. If anyone was feeling a strange emptiness inside this morning, that could be why.

Second, I haven’t asked for support since July! And I haven’t gotten much, either, which lends credence to the age-old saying, “Do not ask and you shall not receive.”

The most popular posts since that time were:

More B12 Psychosis

B12 in Plants and Algae Update

The Winter of Their Discontent

Response to 2 of Christina Sterbenz’s 7 Reasons to Keep Eating Meat

Another Ex-Vegan Story

Meat Alternatives Associated with Lower Hip Fracture Risk in AHS-2

Interestingly, the posts that took the most research were the least popular – I need to stop researching! I’m kidding – as unexciting as the research is to do and to read about, it is a necessary evil.

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