PaleoVeganology: Does Daniel Vitalis Eat Bugs?

I know I probably shouldn’t link to every PaleoVeganology post, but this is another good one:

“There’s darn good evidence that our earliest hominid ancestors ate lots of bugs. Termites in particular. If hominids have an “ancestral” diet at all, it’s frugivory and insectivory. And while there are a few paleo-gurus who hint at the benefits of bug-eating, most won’t come anywhere near it. They are absurdly and tellingly fixated on big game.”


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  1. beforewisdom Says:

    Interestingly, it looks Paleo Diet aficionados might have to update their diet folklore to include grains or at least breads as it has been discovered that people have been eating bread for at least 30,000 years:

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