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Dr. Michael Greger of has just released Latest in Clinical Nutrition: Volume 20. Lots on gluten in this one!

Ginny Messina has a great article on the latest wave of ex-vegans listening to their bodies in Disordered Eating, Restrictive Eating, and Ex-Vegans.

The Vegetarian Resource Group just posted What is the Amount of Oxalate in Seitan?

Dr. Kim A. Williams, the president-elect of the American College of Cardiology, suggests that patients go vegan in the New York Times article, Advice From a Vegan Cardiologist.

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  1. Dan Says:

    The fourth link is particularly exciting as this is the first mainstream medical opinion leader to advocate for a vegan diet. I do not include Drs Ornish or Esselstyn as “mainstream” – most physicians roll their eyes at even the sound of their names. They are in the minority.

    Dr Barnard is outstanding but again his organization (PCRM) is outside the mainstream, no matter how many conferences and workshops it hosts.

    The American College of Cardiology is on the other hand extremely mainstream and most US cardiologists belong to it.

    This begs the question of whether it’s best to advocate for a veg*n diet based on health reasons (in which dairy and fish will often be allowed) versus ethical reasons (in which no dairy or fish is promoted). It is very common to see health-based promotion of vegetarianism and not veganism. That is a wasted opportunity.

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