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Dr. Michael Greger of recently released his DVD Latest in Clinical Nutrition Volume 26: Volume 26 – Dr. Greger Takes on Smoothies.

Dr. G has also released his 2015 Live Year-in-Review Presentation streaming for free. In it he presents a very interesting history of the medical profession’s promotion of cigarette smoking and compares it to the promotion of meat-eating.

Check ’em out!

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  1. Josh Gough Says:

    Hi Jack, first of all thanks for all the great info on your sites. It’s a big help.

    I recently shared this link on Facebook and got a response from a friend that Dr. Greger was a “quack with an agenda” and was linked to a take-down on ScienceBasedMedicine by Harriet Hall as well as a link to “” which says he’s a “shill for veganism” or something like that. Upon investigation, I realized that HumaneWatch is funded by famous corporate lobbyist strategist Rick Berman.

    Still, I tried to keep an open mind on this. Yet, I’ve now watched dozens of Dr. Greger’s videos , and have come across many that warn about (just as you do) the dangers of poorly planned vegan diets, especially B12 deficiency and the sometimes too cavileir approach that some vegans have about downplaying nutrient concerns.

    Anyway, I have always appreciated your approach of being forthright with the data and analyses, and that you do not “oversell” the health angle — at least when comparing a plant based /.vegan diet to diets that contain little amounts of meat and dairy (as opposed to the average diet that is far too loaded with them)…

    So, my question is, how can I, as a vegan, be open and best-aware of the science and all the issues? Are there any sources of credible nutrition information that you’d recommend that do not have a “vegan bias”, yet are also at least mostly free of “carnist bias”?

    I’ve read some of the vegan outreach materials and more recently listened to talks by Nick Cooney on the psychology of outreach communication and found it both heartening and challenging at the same time. I want to be effective, not just “factually correct”, and not just morally right. I know that just telling my friend to “go vegan” will be unlikely to change his mind.

  2. Jack Norris RD Says:


    If you’re looking for info telling people to go vegan for their health, Dr. Greger is about as unbiased as you’re going to find.

    You might notice that I don’t tell people they should go vegan for their health–I promote a vegan diet to protect animals and I also happen to report the science about the healthfulness of vegan diets. You can look at my site to see if you think any of it is persuasive enough to send to your friend. I personally think the information on type 2 diabetes is impressive.

    I hope that helps.

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