Jack Norris, RD Speaking in Corvallis on May 7 – CPE Available

Vegetarian Nutrition: What Does the Science Say?
    – a presentation by Jack Norris, RD
Wed May 7, 2014
7:30 – 9:30 pm
First United Methodist Church
Community Center room
Corner of 12th and Jackson near OSU
Corvallis, OR

Talk is free.
2.0 hours of CPE are available for RDs/DTRs for $25.

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Corvallis Veg Education Group & Vegans & Vegetarians at OSU

From a reader:

“[A]fter explaining [vitamin B12 and vegans] to my doctor, she read up on this, and in the past few months, has helped multiple vegan patients with vague neurological symptoms but normal serum B12! She now recommends MMA testing to her vegan patients, and would never have found their problems without it.”

2 Responses to “Jack Norris, RD Speaking in Corvallis on May 7 – CPE Available”

  1. Dan Says:

    That’s a very interesting comment. I’ve never seen an MMA ordered in primary care practice but then again, awareness of B12 deficiency in primary care is very poor. I suspect most physicians would simply order the B12 level, which is often very misleading. Instead of ordering MMA, I simply advise people to go on B12 supplementation, which almost always fixes the problem if you use the right dose.

  2. Brandon Becker Says:

    My serum B12 was on the high end of normal the first time it was tested a few years ago and has been above normal since that time but I was still worried since I didn’t have an MMA test for B12. Upon researching a while ago, though, I read this which caused me to stop worrying (or at least worry less):
    “The blood test for levels of vitamin B12 has become much more accurate within the past few years. Now, there are fewer false-normal results, because the test only measures biologically active B12.”
    Link: https://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/003705.htm

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