I Can’t Keep Up with Ginny!

Back in February, The Wedge Natural Foods Co-op in Minneapolis printed an article by Jennette Turner, My Vegan Challenge to Oprah, in which she disparages vegan diets. The Wedge just printed an alternative view, Vegan Diets: Sorting Through the Myths, written by co-author of Vegan For Life, Ginny Messina. There should be nothing new here for JackNorrisRD.com readers, but it’s a great overview of vegan diets.

Ginny also has an article about a recent report from EPIC-Oxford, Vegetarian and vegan diets protect against diverticular disease, on Examiner.com from July 29, 2011. I will be updating VeganHealth.org with this info just as soon as I can get around to it.

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