Germany’s Strongest Man Is A Vegetarian

Good news from Germany:

Germany’s Strongest Man Is A Vegetarian


Now I have proven finally, that being vegetarian makes you a better athlete!

It certainly proves that being vegetarian does not prevent someone from being extremely strong.

2 Responses to “Germany’s Strongest Man Is A Vegetarian”

  1. Daisy Says:

    You do know he’s only been a vegetarian for three years? That means he build most of that body by eating meat….and probably steroids.

    Will you notify us all when he goes back to eating meat, since 3 out of 4 vegetarians eventually do?

  2. Arcadio Says:

    Actually he said he was going to go vegan – and he did (end of 2011), and he’s been winning more titles. His web site (in English): He’s been veg since 2005. He also did a poster for PETA Germany ( (It says “HERBIVORE” “The strongest animals are herbivores, gorillas, elephants, buffaloes and me.”) He’s also actively taking part at vegan festivals.

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