Fiber Reduces Colon Polyps in Adventist Health Studies

A study was released today showing that fiber intake was associated with a reduced risk of developing a colon polyp (.71, .59-.99). The clearest effect was of fiber from vegetables (including legumes) (0.65, .47-.90).

The study measured diet during the Adventist Health Study in 1976 and then followed up during the Adventist Health Study-2 between 2002 and 2005. The Adventist Health Study included a large proportion of vegetarians.

I only have access to the abstract at this time:

Tantamango YM, Knutsen SF, Beeson L, Fraser G, Sabate J. Association between dietary fiber and incident cases of colon polyps: the adventist health study. Gastrointest Cancer Res. 2011 Sep;4(5-6):161-7. (link)

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