Dr. Michael Greger: Volume 8 Available for Pre-Order

Dr. Michael Greger, the hardest working man in vegan nutrition, has done it again – releasing another volume of his Latest in Clinical Nutrition series (for pre-order).

Always a promoter of leafy greens, I think he might have outdone himself on Volume 8, which starts with kale, moves on to broccoli, more broccoli, then more broccoli, before ending the DVD talking about kale! But coffee and cigarette addicts need not worry, Volume 8 includes Dr. Greger’s biggest endorsement of coffee yet, and he lets us know that cigarettes are no worse than hot dogs. Which is music to the ears of someone like me who loves to hear good news about my bad habits!

(Note: I do not actually smoke cigarettes as I get enough cyanide from B12 pills without having to add to it with cigarettes.)

As always, Volume 8 is packed with interesting info and helpful nutrition tips. If you have missed out on previous volumes, Dr. Greger is currently posting video clips from Volume 7 on his daily video blog at NutritonFacts.org.

Now off to get me some cocoa powder and beets…

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