Dr. Greger: New DVD and More on Paleo

Michael Greger, MD has released the Latest in Clinical Nutrition Volume 23 which has a strong focus on the Mediterranean Diet. From his website:

The Mediterranean Diet is an “in” topic nowadays, in both the medical literature and the lay media. More than 450 papers were published in the medical literature during just the last year alone, more than one a day. As a recent commentary noted “Uncritical laudatory coverage is the common parlance. Specifics are hard to come by: what is it? what is its history? why is it good? Merits are rarely detailed; possible downsides are never mentioned.” I answer these questions and more in a 6-part video series.

You can order the full DVD from his website (click here), or you can watch them in short videos as they are released starting with another interesting one about the Paleo diet, The Problem With the Paleo Diet Argument.

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