Comparison of current and former animal product limiters

The results of a survey from Western Washington University on current and former “animal product limiters” has been released in the journal Appetite.

With a cross-sectional survey that is not randomly selected, it is pretty hard to draw any strong conclusions, but I thought there were some interesting findings:

  • Current animal product limiters were more likely to have made changes to their diet gradually than all at once.
  • Current animal product limiters were (much) more likely to be part of a vegetarian group.
  • The biggest reasons former limiters gave for not continuing with their diets were: difficulty preparing food (35.2%), boredom with food options (41.2%), and cravings for meat (54.9%).
  • More details can be seen in the abstract.


    Haverstock K, Forgays DK. To Eat or Not to Eat: A Comparison of Current and Former Animal Product Limiters. Appetite. 2012 Mar 1. Epub ahead of print. | link

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