Carnosine & beta-Alanine Update

Thanks to a reader, Ron, who referred me to an abstract showing that vegetarians had lower muscle levels of carnosine, I have updated the VeganHealth page on carnosine and beta-alanine to suggest that vegetarians may very well be able to improve their athletic performance by supplementing with beta-alanine. Link.

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  1. Sam Says:

    I took beta-alanine for the first couple times last night/this morning (~2g each dose). Caused quite a flush (skin). Felt like a combination of niacin and GABA sensations. I did take it in conjunction with other aminos and vitamins. Seemed to help with recovery from recent training (20k run, rock climbing), but time will tell. Just thought I’d mention the flushing since it was unexpected. I have supplemented with Carnosine in the past, but didn’t get enough of a tangible benefit to continue.

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