Caloric Expenditure Calculator

I have added a new feature to, which does not require logging in, where you can calculate your physical activity level by putting in how many minutes per day you do various activities and then calculate your energy requirements:

I base this all on equations and activities provided by the Institute of Medicine and there are some limitations in terms of the number of activities.

For example, the fastest running is 10 minute miles. But if you run faster, you should be able to extrapolate and get a rough idea of what your caloric expenditure would be.

Also, there is a limit to the IOM’s calculations in that “very active” is the highest physical activity you can have and so whether you run 10 minute miles for 120 minutes or for 240 minutes, your caloric expenditure will be the same. But if you play around with it, you can estimate beyond what the IOM’s calculations provide.

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