Amazon Affiliates Program Cancelled for CA

Unfortunately, has cancelled its affiliates program for California residents (which I happen to be). So you can no longer support by purchasing from Amazon. I was very touched by how many of you bought things through Amazon links on the site. Thank you!

You can still support this site by purchasing items from Pangea, an on-line vegan store. In addition to their commitment to being animal-friendly, they strive to maintain the highest ethical standards in every other aspect, refusing to carry products manufactured under oppressive labor conditions and reusing and recycling boxes and other shipping materials for their mail orders.

Thank you, again!

4 Responses to “Amazon Affiliates Program Cancelled for CA”

  1. Sharky Says:

    What a pity. I order regularly from Amazon and always tried to remember to start from here. Yesterday I ordered Vegan for Life through this site. I hope I got in under the wire.

  2. Jack Norris RD Says:

    Yes, definitely a pity. Thank you for remembering me when you ordered!

  3. paleosister Says:

    Hi Jack,

    I was wondering if you were told why it was just being cancelled for residents of CA? Seems odd.

  4. Jack Norris RD Says:


    My understanding is this: CA passed a law saying that if you have a physical location in CA, then you have to collect sales tax on items purchased by CA residents. I’m not sure if the law explicitly says that having an affiliate in the state is considered a physical presence, but Amazon interpreted it that way, so in order to avoid collecting sales tax they just dropped all the CA affiliates.

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