A. afarensis may have eaten meat; so what?

After my recent post, Grains vs. Meat, a reader brought the PaleoVeganology website to my attention. The post of August 14, A. afarensis may have eaten meat; so what?, is very interesting.

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  1. AJ Says:

    Exactly, so what. Paleolithic hominids eating meat has nothing to do with the CURRENT health science showing clearly that a diet made up of mostly whole grains, legumes, fruits, vegetables, starchy vegetables, and 1-2oz of nuts and seeds is the healthiest way to go. Amounts of animal products can be added but there is lots off data to show that when this exception becomes too large it is not as healthy as limiting the consumption and replacing the excess with plants. And certainly there is clear evidence that animal products do not need to be consumed at all for exceptional health. Id like to see the evidence for vice versa – a diet without plants leading to any where near the life expectancy shown of a diet made up of mostly plants – it just is not there. P is for plants and P values 🙂

  2. Robert Says:

    Thanks for the link-love, both here and at Vegan Outreach.

    Did you guys ever see my follow-up post, R.I.P., E.T.H. (Expensive Tissue Hypothesis)?

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