It has been a month since I made a special post asking for support. And I wouldn’t do so, except that I’ve seen a drop off in last couple weeks in Amazon purchases and donations. The good news is that I’ve been very excited by how much people do respond to my pleas, so thank you!

Here are some of the highlights from the last month:

By far the most popular was the most recent:
“I was Vegan for A While, But…”

A colleague of mine had some feedback on the cholesterol/steroid hormone part of that post and I updated it with some research.

Vitamin D2 vs. D3

Calcium Supplements and Cardiovascular Disease in the News

Strontium for Increasing Bone Mineral Density

NPR and Animals

It was quite a month for bones and ex-vegans. Hopefully, the work I’m doing will prevent many of the possible future ex-vegan cases from ever happening.

As always, below is how you can help support these efforts. Thank you!


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