Calling all Vegans on Dialysis!

From time to time, I get messages from people on dialysis who want to know more about how to eat vegan while on dialysis. I send them to this short page of resources (link). But, I have never had any sort of ongoing communication with a vegan on dialysis.

I thought it could be helpful to start a page on this blog where vegans on dialysis can post about their experience and any hints they have. So if you are out there, please let us know how you’re doing and what you have learned.

Thank you!

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  1. Joan Hogan Says:

    You are right Beverly that is what they say. But it is so much more than that. The type of protein you eat regardless of being a pre-dialysis (CKD) or on dialysis, is what is important. It i hard to write in one paragraph these concepts. It is why i wrote my book The Vegetarian Diet for Kidney Disease. But honestly you do not need to be a total vegetarian to obtain benefit from plant-based eating with CKD or a diet for being on dialysis. You may want to check this out. Plant-based proteins are the key, not animal proteins. If you are seeking a renal dietitian to help you, ask them before you schedule an appointment if you can have help with planning a plant-based diet for your kidney disease. If they seem focused on animal protein, move on to another dietitian.

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